Books vs. Movies

I’m just going to talk about the difference between books and movies. I’m pretty sure you can think of many things that are different between those two. But it’s all about perspective. Many people love books more than movies and many people love movies rather than books. personally I love books and movies but if … More Books vs. Movies

Sometimes life sucks

You know sometimes life sucks, and you can’t really do anything about but go through it. Depression is a big one. Sure you can go to counseling or go to therapy and take medicine and that stuff might work some people but not for everyone. Personally I have suffered from anxiety and depression etc. and … More Sometimes life sucks


What are questions? In my opinion questions are to help our society thrive. Without questions I don’t think we would be here today, I don’t think we would have our modern medicine or technology. A question could be as simple as a student asking a teacher for help. Or as extreme as one man asking questions of … More Questions